Turnkey Projects

Solutions for controlling water and climate

IGE, International Greenhouse Equipment, is a newly founded company by several experts, with long history and rich experience in the several agricultural fields. The enthusiastic team exists from engineers, agronomists, technically skilled people and experienced managers. Based on the strong and reliable software we produce ourselves, we can provide any solution for controlling water and climate, as well as other processes. Due to our long and worldwide experience we are able to supply you from the smallest parts, to complete turn key projects.

Our main focus is to supply high quality, with equal service.

With our team of educated specialists, we provide high quality, produce reliable products in our factory, and realize the installations at site against minimum costs.

Please take a good look at our product range, and contact us for further information at the following e-mailaddress: info@igebv.com
Maximum performance and efficiency, by highly reliable and advanced controllers.
For excellent growing you need several important recources, which we need to treat with great care, for both environmental as economic reasons. Good quality of water is essential, and becoming more and more scarce. The use of fertilisers and acids will help you to create the perfect water, for optimal growth. With this idea we have developed all of our controllers and machines. By the use of our equipment you will have an optimal result. Computer controlled irrigation and dosing, to the exact requirement of each plant. No spilling of precious water or fertilizers, giving optimal harvests. The standard system is designed to allow future expansions as well. Recirculation of your water with our system, will result in lower costs for water and fertilizers, less chance on diseases, and a better environment.